About Noirnodes
Noirnode is the term used for Noir masternodes. Masternodes are computers that run a Noir wallet and help secure the network by completing special tasks on the blockchain and ensuring quick transactions. To set up a Noirnode, you must have dedication, support, specific hardware, and lock up a certain amount of Noir as voted on by the community. Details about setting up a Noirnode will be available once development is complete.
The primary purpose of Noirnodes are to benefit the network. Although it is a perk to get Noirnode rewards, they are being implemented for the benefit of the network. Therefore, the development team asked the community to consider the following for masternode voting decisions:
  • About 150-300 Noirnodes are required to secure the network.
  • The development team recommended that the community votes for a Noirnode cost of 25,000 Noir. This will provide enough availability of Noirnodes to secure the network, while not allowing for more than what the network will benefit from.
Last modified 2yr ago
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