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About NOIR

Noir is a decentralized digital currency with anonymous features and community governance. The technology behind Noir is the Sigma Protocol, which provides you complete anonymity over your funds; making them secure, private and untraceable.
To ensure accessibility to all users and to avoid centralization, Noir is a staking and Masternode Coin. Noir is developing into a currency that enables people to buy products and services in a secure and anonymous way. The overall goal is to shape Noir into a currency for one’s daily payments.
The community and core team have done significant work to revitalize Noir. Some of the key accomplishments include:
  • Implementation of Core 0.13 and the Zerocoin protocol.
  • Creating a wallet with a unique UI design
  • New website.
  • Community voting on Noir features on Discord
  • Web Wallet
  • Electrum Wallet for Windows, MAC, IOS and Andoird
  • Implementation of the Sigma Protocol
The team and community are working hard to continue developing Noir. For more information, please see the Noir Roadmap.